Several of the RGV Rocket Club members attended the November launch at the Beevile Municipal Airport.  South Texas Rocketry Group (STRG) put on a great launch.  Skies - Blue, Temp - Cool, Wind - Almost None; what more could you ask for?  

Ron Clahoun, Art Applewhite, Sylvia Ashley, and Randy Ashley made quick work of range set up and got ready to open for launches.

Art opened the show with a flight of his scratch built PVC rocket which uses piston ejection and has many 3-D printed parts such as nose cone, fin can and the piston.  A great flight with a save recovery on his HEB chute.

Art then flew his Cinco, which is a 5 sided saucer on a G motor.  Great flight with recovery only a few yards away from the pad.

Rachel Galvan was next flying an Estes Athena she calls Rachel I.  A very straight and high flight on a C motor.  Love the glints from the streamer that makes it easy to track.  

The final flight of the day was Roman Galvan flying Roman XIV on an H182 Red for his level I attempt.  OH so close.  Perfect boost, coast and good ejection.  Body and nose stayed together but the chute stripped off of the shroud lines.  Even so it was a beautiful flight and everything except the chute was recovered.  

After the final launch and with no other flights pending, everyone pitched in for a quick teardown of the range.  A few of the rocketeers went to Roma's Italian in Beeville for a great meal and debrief.  Good friends, good flights, and beautiful weather made this a launch to remember.  If you missed it you missed some of the best rocket weather I have ever encountered.

Hope to see you at the next one.

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