The RGV Rocket Club met at Denny's restaurant in McAllen on 6/1/2023 with 2 members present along with 3 potential new members.  It was great to meet everyone.  

Randy gave a presentation on the structure of the club and hobby rocketry in general.  The importance of being a member of either NAR or Tripoli in order to be covered by insurance was stressed.  

A drawing for a LOC Magnum was held and Emmanuel won the door prize.  Hopefully we will see it fly at a launch soon.

We announced that we had verbal confidence of receiving a waiver to 5000 feet at our new High Power field near Linn San Manuel.  When I got home from the meeting I found the waiver in my email, and we actually got 7000 ft with 10,000 when the Military Operations Area that is above us is not HOT.  Nice surprise.  

We held a Q&A session to answer any questions about the club or hobby rocketry in general and then adjourned. 

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