The RGV Rocket Club held a meeting on December 7, 2023 at 6:30pm at Rudy's BBQ - 209 West Nolana - Pharr, Texas 

The meeting was brought to order with Jason Arms, Victor Valdez, Stuart Goodrich, Sylvia Ashley, and Randy Ashley present. 

 After establishing we had a quorum Randy gave a financial report.  With some donations and one member having joined recently we have $128.00 in the treasury. Discussion on possible expenditures took place and unanimous vote was to just continue building the fund for now and when needed maintain a stock of give away rockets and motors for new flyers.

A vote was taken to move the December launch to Saturday December 9th to try to avoid wet conditions predicted for the normal December 16th launch date.  Vote was unanimous for the date change for December only.  Normal launch day in the future will remain at 3rd Saturday of the month.

There was discussion of moving the meeting date to the 3rd Thursday of each month which places it in the same week as the standard launch date based on the reasoning that it gives us to make plans, as a club, for the launch which will be the Saturday following meeting dates.  Vote was unanimous.  Starting in January the meeting will be the 3rd Thursday and the launches will be the 3rd Saturday of each month.

We had a Round Table discussion of current projects of each club member and there are some awesome projects on the building table.  You are going to want to make launches next year to see some of these fly.  Some of the projects are; Two stage rockets, dual deploy, higher mid power rockets, and some cool paint schemes coming down the pipe.  

A short Q&A session was held with everyone contributing to answer any questions club members had.

The last item of business was to elect officers for 2024.  All positions were voted on by acclimation and the officers for 2024 will be:

President                    Randy Ashley

Vice President            Jason Arms

Treasurer/Secretary     Sylvia Ashley

RSO in Training           Victor Valdez, Jr.

Congratulations to each of you and good luck in 2024.

Meeting was adjourned by unanimous vote.

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