If you missed the club meeting tonight you missed some good BBQ.Brief summary:Update on launch equipment.  New Wilson FX is here and with current equipment can handle up to 16 rockets at two pad distances.  8 rockets at each distance.Now have 4 launch pads capable of small rocket to 30 pound high power rockets.  With these pads we have 3 launch rails al 1010 button capable.  1-6ft rail and 2-8ft rails.  We have multiple launch rods of 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4 inch diameter.Our signage should be in by this weekend.  1 yard style sign to put at turnoff from FM491 onto Barnett Road, 1 8ft banner to go on the popup canopy, and a couple of signs to put wherever needed.Reminded of the upcoming September 16th launch at Wilde Field.  We will try to be on site by 8am and launching by 8:30 if everyone pitches in for setup.Next club meeting will be October 5th with location to be determined.

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