The RGV Rocket Club met on January 18, 2024 at 6:00pm at Rudy's BBQ in Pharr.  Randy updated the club with the closing balance for 2023 and the YTD balance for 2024.  It was announced that our club was approved for a $250 grant from NAR which will be used for safety equipment for the launches.  A fire extinguisher and set of traffic cones will be purchased for use at launches.  Juan Ortegon joined the club at the meeting and looks forward to making a launch soon.  Randy updated the club members on the next launch planned for January 20th.  As of the meeting the launch is a GO.  After the business was concluded, everyone participated in a roundtable talking about their latest projects and what everyone received for Christmas.  Good food, good meeting, and most importantly good comradery led to a great evening.  

Good BBQ always make everything better.

Victor, Jr., Randy, Sylvia, Juan, and Victor, Sr.  trying to stay awake after eating. 

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