February's launch dawned much warmer than the previous launch in January.  With the help Sylvia, Victor, and his Dad we had the range ready in just minutes.  

First off the pad was Victor's Alpha 1 on an A8-3. 

Victor followed his show opening Alpha with the Sizzler 1 on a B6-4 with an altimeter to an altitude of 180 ft.

It was a one man show today.  All Victor.  His next flight was his Prospector 1 on a B6-4.  

Victor decided to go to his 2 stage Mongoose 1 for his next flight.  It flew on a B6-0 staged to a B6-6.  

It was a perfect staged flight and both sections were successfully recovered.  

Next in Victor's rotation was the Green Eggs I with a payload of a pencil.  

His next flight was his Starship Octavious I on an A8-3.

Victor's show closer was Victorious I on a D12-3 with altimeter.

He got a great flight out of Victorious and an altitude of 573.  Not his altitude personal best but a respectable flight none the less.  

All told it was a great launch with 7 flights.  

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