After a 7am meetup for breakfast some of the club members caravanned out to the field and set up the range.

The morning started off with marginal weather.  A broken layer of clouds at 300 and overcast at 1300.  Fortunately that burned off fast and we ended up with just a broken layer at 800 and blue skies above.  There were holes plenty large enough to launch through and not many flights that were going above 500ft. 

Stuart and Victor were first to the Launch Control table to get cards filled out for their first flights of the day.

Victor Valdez, Jr. kicked off the show with his Alpha I on an A8-3 for a safe and successful flight.

Next up was Stuart with his Red Nova on a C11-3

These flights were followed by Victor again with his Sizzler I on a B6-4 with altimeter to 189 ft., Stuart with his Phoenix on an F27-4 to about 200 ft., Victor with his Epic I which is a 2 stage rocket.  He got a good stage ignition but unfortunately he lost sight of it and could not recover it.  

Randy finally took time away from RSO duties to fly his Armagedon on a G80-7.  No altimeter but it got way up there through one of the holes in the broken layer and was recovered about 1/4 mile from the launch pad.  Thanks to Sylvia and Jason for recovery duties while Randy kept the launch going.  

Stuart followed up with his Hawk on a D12-4. For a good flight.

Victor flew 2 more flights.  One on his Victorious I and then on his Prospector I.  Both were good flights but he did have a separation on his Prospector.  Here is a photo of what I believe was his Victorious I.  

Here is the summary of flights and motors burned.

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